Sabyn Mayfield had the unique privilege of growing up surrounded by some of the most visionary filmmakers of our generation. That exposure ignited a passion for cinematic storytelling that Sabyn utilizes to explore his own creative ingenuity. After logging countless hours on all levels of production for such films as THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, SPRING BREAKERS, PALO ALTO, AFTER & BOUND; Sabyn developed a rare combination of skills, talent, and passion for the filmmaking process that he now employs as an award wining director at Stay Fly LLC.




After moving to Los Angeles in 2004, David expanded his knowledge and experience in film while working on over 30 major motion pictures and television programs as a lighting and camera technician.  David has climbed the rungs of the industry ladder and become the sought after "indie cinematographer". David has worked with such Directors as Rob Hamilton ("KEY" 2011 "THE SUFFERING" 2014) and the legendary Larry Clark ("MARFA GIRL" 2012, "MARFA GIRL 2" 2015). David and Sabyn have collaborated on multiple award winning short films and music videos.  Boomtown will be their first feature length Collaboration together.